BME National 2017 * New Speaker Announced*

*New Speaker announced – Dr Faiza Shaheen, Director of Class

BME National


You are cordially invited to attend the BMENational Annual Conference which is taking place on


Thursday 19th October 2017 at The Wesley Hotel, London Euston


If you are a BMENational member please note you are able to book 2 tickets per organisation.

If you are not a BMENational member it will cost £65 per person.

Book your place NOW by clicking below and registering via eventbrite.



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Britain’s housing crisis is racist – we need to talk about it

The Guardian commissioned Kevin Gulliver to write a piece on institutional racism in housing.

Discover Society –  a piece linking to HUMAN CITY INSTITUTE research.



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The Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) Housing Sector’s Offer

Deep Roots, Diverse Communities, Dedicated Service

The Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) Housing Sector’s Offer

This paper stresses the multiple and important roles that BME housing organisations play in providing affordable homes and services, and care and support for BME communities.

It underscores the activities of BME housing organisations as social value-creating, community institutions that work in the most disadvantaged neighbourhoods, while promoting cohesion and offering BME communities opportunities to improve their life chances.

The paper illustrates how BME housing organisations embody a shared society, foster mutual endeavour and offer pathways for BME people to fulfil their aspirations and realise their ambitions.

It outlines what BME housing organisations have to offer the housing sector in England, and to central government, devolved and local authorities, and diverse communities in the main areas of their operation.

‘Deep Roots, Diverse Communities, Dedicated Service: The Black and Minority (BME) Housing Sector’s Offer’ has been compiled by BMENational, the representative body for BME housing organisations, and its research partner for the last two years, the Human City Institute.

Cym D’ Souza, Chair BMENational and Chief Executive, Arawak Walton HA

Kevin Gulliver, Director, Human City Institute

Read full report



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The BME sector has much to offer

With the housing crisis disproportionately affecting black and minority ethnic (BME) communities, the sector needs to step up to provide solutions, says Cym D’Souza

Read whole Inside Housing interview here

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Multiplying Success through Collaboration

Housing organisations continue to face immense pressures on their abilities to deliver high quality services to their customers.

There has never been a greater need for collaborative initiatives that enable organisations to tackle current challenges head-on. However, whilst collective working has proved extremely difficult in the sector, a group of fourteen BME housing associations have embarked on a series of joint projects that are starting to pay dividends.

Today marks the publication of a report from Altair, who were commissioned by this group to provide insights into the success of joint working and the progress made to date. The power of collaboration was highlighted by the fact that two new members joined the group during the project

The shared objectives of the project were to deliver enhanced value for money for residents, communities and organisations. Also delivering best practice for customers and the opportunity for them to access services that they would not be able to deliver alone, like employment support.

Gina Amoh Chair of BME Landlords (London) and Chief Executive of Inquilab Housing Association said; “This project has been built on a shared vision across the boards and executive leadership of the housing associations involved. We are proud to have achieved a level of trust and understanding from all members of the group. This is beginning to realise real benefits for our residents and local communities. The addition of two new members to the group is testament of the potential of collaborative working.”

The key conclusion is that collaborative working can deliver real savings and added value. This can manifest itself as saving up to 30% on procurement of legal services and 20% for utilities. It can also develop access to an employment service for residents pooled training and support amongst peers.

Altair partner Steve Douglas, who has worked with the group since the planning stages of the project said” Fundamentally the buying power of a successful collaboration is increased. But successful collaboration isn’t an easy feat. There have been a number of lessons learnt from the process which may be useful to others. These included leading from the top, remaining flexible and taking the time to build up trust. The prize of increased purchasing power and pooled learning is well worth the effort. The achievements so far have provided an important basis for the group to build trust and an opportunity to learn how to work together. This has meant that they now have foundations in place so that they can genuinely contemplate delivering larger-scale projects in the future.”

The group are setting their sights on collaborating on other areas. They have joined forces with L&Q, AmicusHorizon and the Roffey Park Business School, to design a leadership programme to create a sector wide scheme, Leadership 2025, to address BME underrepresentation in senior roles. The programme is set to launch in autumn 2017.

You can find out more about this collaboration by reading the full report, which is now available via the Altair website or Inquilab.

A copy of the full report can be downloaded from


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